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Ad of the Day: Sony Xperia


Over the weekend of Oct. 26, when audiences in Sweden flocked to see the new James Bond film Skyfall (yes, you heard that right—they got the latest Bond movie two full weeks before the U.S. did), one group of fans entered Stockholm's Filmstaden Sergel unaware that they were being filmed for a secret-agent-themed Sony marketing stunt.

Swimming inside the free sodas being handed out by the theater's entrance, the electronics company had surreptitiously hidden several Xperia Acro S smartphones—a new waterproof model. Before the start of the film, audience members were told by a disembodied voice that they might be one of the "lucky devils" with a prize in their soda. Some unseen force then called the hidden phones, resulting in several confused Swedes pulling Xperias out of their ringing drinks. (And kudos to the local office of Crispin Porter + Bogusky for thinking to attach the phones to the soda lids, thus avoiding the nightmare scenario of people plunging their hands into sugary soft drinks. Gross.)

So, apparently, Sony Xperia Acro S phones really are waterproof. But that's not the big takeaway from this stunt. It's the fact that, in Sweden, you not only get to see James Bond movies before anyone in America, but there's always a chance you might find a fancy new smartphone in your soda.

Let's all move to Sweden.

Client: Sony Mobile Nordic
Nordic Marketing Communications Manager: Martina Johansson
Nordic Public Relations Manager: Erik Yström
Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Sweden
Executive Creative Director: Gustav Martner
Creative Directors: Jonas Wittenmark, Tobias Carlson
Art Director: Jonas Wittenmark
Copywriter: Tobias Carlson
Junior Art Director: Jakob Eriksson
Junior Copywriter: Elof Ivarsson
Client Service Director: Kristian Jörgensen
Business Director: Therese Olander
Content Supervisor: Karin Branmark
Agency Producer: Annika Andreasson
Event Agency: Grandins Flying Circus
Production Company: Vidiots

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