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Boost Mobile's 'Come to Data' Ad Campaign Is Pervy and Totally Ungodly


Your inner barbarian tells you it's quite all right to use your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Play that dice game at the urinal? Sure, even though it requires vigorous arm-shaking motions that make you look like a perv in such a setting. Schmuck don't care! Unlimited data, people!

Boost Mobile encourages all manner of loutish phone behavior with new digital ads from 180LA that use a suggestive tagline, "Come to data," along with a creepy, salacious "voice in your head" narration. Or maybe the brand is just acknowledging what's already happening when users can't tear themselves away from their devices even long enough to tinkle without distraction or listen to a confession. (Who has to do the penance in the latter case—the sinner or the priest?)

There are Vines and short videos in the campaign, which may serve as inspiration for the uncouth or cautionary tales for the mannerly, and could've been called, "Decorum is so overrated."

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Client: Boost Mobile
Director, Sprint Prepaid Group: Peiti Feng
Manger of Brand Advertising and Creative, Wally Fox
Brand Manager, Social Media and Brand Integration, Jill Johnson
Advertising Manager, Mario Cardenas
Social Media and Brand Integration, Bre Cohen

Campaign: Come To Data

Agency: 180LA
Managing Partner, CCO: William Gelner
Creative Directors: Mike Bokman and Jason Rappaport
Copywriter: Chris Elzinga / Daniel Chen
Art Director: Marcus Cross / Jenny Kang
Head of Account Management: Chad Bettor
Associate Account Director: Paul Kinsella
Social Media Account Manager: Olivia Watson
Head of Production: Natasha Wellesley
Senior Producer: Lindsey Wood
Associate Producer: Lauren Prushan
Business Affairs Manager: Ivy Chen

Production Co: Treefort
Director: Shillick
Producer: Mike Begovich
DP: Max Gutierrez

Editorial Company: Treefort (Web Films) / Melvin (Vines)
Editor: Josh Hegard (Web Films) / Dave Groseclose (Vines)
Color/ Online Finishing: Sam Maliszewski / Melvin
Sound Design / Mix: Eddie Kim / Therapy

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