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Ad of the Day: Cooks Cut Loose in Lurpak's Sizzling New Food Porn


Cooking with Lurpak is a full body-and-soul experience.

A new ad from Wieden + Kennedy London continues the butter brand's tradition of quick-cut, hi-res food porn. In the voiceover, Rutger Hauer raps about cutting loose, while a sizzling jazz soundtrack crescendoes and a series of home cooks work themselves up into spiritual frenzy, dancing while they fly.

Titled "Freestyle," it is, like the agency's past work for Lurpak, gorgeously shot (this time by MJZ director Juan Cabral—with stunning colors, produce that looks so good it's unreal, and a surprising amount of action, including a healthy dash of psychedelia.

It's also trying pretty hard—some might say too hard—to be exciting. But the build and pacing are perfectly arced, and anyone who loves cooking as a form of self-expression seems likely to particularly appreciate it.

The less ambitious can just slather some butter on their toast.

Print work and credits below.

Client: Lurpak
Project: "Freestyle"

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
Creative Directors: Sam Heath, Kim Papworth
Creatives: Gustavo Kopit, Barnaby Blackburn
Designer: Bruce Usher
Executive Creative Directors: Tony Davidson, Iain Tait
Agency Executive Producer: Danielle Stewart
Group Account Director: Rachel Parker
Account Directors: Hannah Gourevitch, Katja Giannella
Account Executive: Stephanie Brooks
Head of Planning: Beth Bentley
Planners: Jennifer Lewis, Theo Izzard-Brown
TV Producers: Gemma Knight, Sahar Bluck
Creative Producer: Rebecca Herbert

TV Production
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Juan Cabral
Production Company Producer: Stephen Johnson
Director of Photography: Anthony Dodd Mantle
Editing Company: Work Post
Editor: Neil Smith
Executive Postproduction Producer: Julian Marshall
Visual Effects Company: MPC
Visual Effects Producer: Anandi Peiris
Music, Sound Company: Soundtree
Composers: Peter Raeburn, Ben Castle, Luis Almau
Sound Designer: Parv Thind
Producer (Soundtree): Jay James
Mix Company: Wave Studios
Mixer: Parv Thind
Producer (Wave Studios): Rebecca Boswell

Print Production
Creatives: Sam Heath, Gustavo Kopit, Barnaby Blackburn
Designer: Bruce Usher
Creative Producer: Rebecca Herbert
Creative Researcher: Laura Barker
Photographer: Gustav Almestål
Agent: Lund Lund
Food Stylist: Katie Giovanni

Director of Relations: Marta Bobic

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