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Mutants and a Talking Puppet Can't Believe Pizza Hut Is for Real in These Silly Ads


Pizza Hut embraces absurd wordplay in a new campaign from Ogilvy & Mather London—and it's not a bad deal. 

A series of 10-second spots and a 30-second wrap-up (below) pitch viewers on the fast-food chain's "Big Deal" promotion by sizing it up against a series of scenarios that might seem impressive, but actually pale in comparison. 

An invisible woman in a bathrobe and towel head-wrap, a magnetic man covered in spoons, and a charred woman (who's been struck by lightning) all open their doors to register surprise at the incredible value of Pizza Hut's delivery.

The most clever—and the funniest by far—features a puppet who's ditched his ventriloquist. "And I thought going solo was a big deal!" he quips.

While puns are usually ill-advised for advertising, these work well enough—probably because they're so short, and manage to make something of the little time they have, even with a hard sell baked in under the cheesy jokes. "Such a big deal, nothing else seems like a big deal," proclaims the voiceover. 

Adweek responsive video player used on /video.

Adweek responsive video player used on /video.

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This is Ogilvy London's second campaign for Pizza Hut, following last year's similarly ridiculous "Classic Crust" ad, where a man tricks his friend's girlfriend into sharing her pizza by wearing the world's worst disguise. 

It goes without saying that the ads are still pretty dumb, but that's the point. The over-the-top, incredulous tone for a deal-themed selling point does feel a little like some of Barton F. Graf's work for Little Caesars, though. 

Regardless, as long as Pizza Hut U.K. isn't peddling branded hoodies with idiotic phrases like "Pizza Is Bae" plastered across them, it's coming out ahead.

Pizza Hut Delivery: "Big Deal"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, London
Brand: Pizza Hut Delivery
Client: Adrienne Berkes, Chief Marketing Officer, Yum!
Copywriter: Will Marsden
Art Director: Jordan Down
Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Human
Creative Partner: Sam Cartmell
Planner: Matt Box
Planning Partner: Gen Kobayashi
Business Partner: Laurence Sassoon
Account Director: Jawad Ashraf 
Director: Michael Clowater
Production Company: Smuggler Films
Producer: Adam Smith
Agency Producer: Thea Slevin
Post Production: The Mill
Media Agency: Starcom
Exposure: TV, Radio, Online

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