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BBDO Cleverly Engineers a Mosquito-Repellent Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe


Think of it as a citronella candle on wheels.

Mosquito-borne illnesses are a growing issue in Thailand's slums, with the incidence of dengue fever tripling in 2015. To battle the glut of diseased pests, a Thai charity, the Duang Prateep Foundation, and its agency, BBDO Bangkok, repurposed another abundant local feature—motorcycle exhaust fumes.

The result is Moto Repellent, an anti-bug filter that riders—ubiquitous in Thailand—can attach to their tailpipes. The filter contains mosquito repellent oil that, when mixed with the heat from the engine's spent fuel, produces a special smoke that can deter mosquitos for up to three meters. 

The case study video for the pilot run includes a few dubious moments, like when a local community leader praises the solution's non-toxic nature. (The bike still looks to be pumping carbon into the atmosphere—whether the filter reduces its adverse impact on air quality isn't clear.) Some of the anecdotal testimony on its overall effectiveness also feels a bit stiff, and therefore staged.

In fact, the tool is one of those things that seems like it shouldn't work, even if it does. Regardless—or perhaps because of that—it makes for a crafty bit of problem-solving. Duang Prateep hopes to expand distribution with government funding. (It also might want to consider selling a bunch to Brazil.)

Client: Duang Prateep Foundation
Agency: BBDO Bangkok
Chief Creative Officer: Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Executive Creative Director: Chalit Manuyakorn
Creative Group Head: Peter Oh
Art Director: Sithum Walter
Copywriter: Chalit Manuyakorn, Peter Oh
Designer: Sangvian Suwan
Producer: Jirapan Vasanabunsongserm, YadaBuachan, Yathip Thanitthanaphat
Client Service: Wachira Ampornpachra
Production House: Meour Production Co., Ltd
Director: Kasemparn Jujindalert
Asst. Director: Teewin Varapaskul

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