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Fruit of the Loom Makes Better Cooling Products for Your Junk Than These 2 Idiots


CP+B goes with an elaborate anti-pitch in its work for Fruit of the Loom's new Micro-Mesh Breathable Boxer Briefs, which are intended to keep guys a little cooler below the waist.

The campaign features the ridiculous and desperate co-owners of Josh and Donny's Supercool Superstore for Men, which was apparently the go-to place for men's pelvic cooling products before Fruit of the Loom came along. In a series of fake ads, and on a garishly moronic website, Josh and Donny reveal that they're going out of business—because their stupid products are no longer selling.

The spots are running as online pre-roll and social video, while the website has a working (800) number and online chat feature.

"All of those businesses selling ineffective and ill-conceived cooling products are going to take a hit. Especially when the ineffective and ill-conceived cooling products are especially ineffective and ill-conceived," CP+B's creatives tell AdFreak. 

"However, one of those businesses, 'Josh and Donny's Supercool Superstore for Men,' is not going down without a fight, as evidenced by their recent Supercool Superstore television commercials. With a total budget of $83.50, their nephew even had enough to build a website that includes 'live chat' and a toll free number if you have complaints."

There's a strong Tim and Eric vibe here, and for good reason.

The director, Jonathan Krisel of Caviar, was discovered by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim after he created the Brooklyn cable access series HyperDimensional Fortress. Krisel went on to work on the AdultSwim series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! as director and co-executive producer.

Anti-pitches from fake incompetent rivals are becoming a thing lately, as we saw in May with Ming's fishing-themed "Frank and Marty" campaign for Smith sunglasses.

Client: Fruit of the Loom
Campaign: "Josh and Donny's Supercool Superstore for Men"
Agency: CP+B
Vice President, Chief Creative Officer: Ralph Watson
Vice President, Creative Director: Allen Richardson
Creative Director: D'Arcy O'Neill
Senior Art Director: Donny Brunner
Senior Copywriters: Josh Shelton, Ryan Contillo
Vice President, Executive Integrated Video Production: Ramon Nuñez
Junior Video Producer: Amber Peña
Production Company: Caviar
Director: Jonathan Krisel
Editor: Carlos Lowenstein
Editing House: The Whitehouse Post, Chicago
Visual Effects, Retouching Company: Artjail, New York
Mix Company: Lime Studios, Los Angeles
Audio Engineer: Matt Miller
Music: KBV Records
Group Strategy Director: David Burg
Strategist: Fabiana Brown
Executive Vice President, Managing Director: Danielle Whalen
Vice President, Account Director: Kristi Kirkeide Boutiette
Content Supervisor: Tara Delaney
Content Manager: Tracy Sarli
Vice President, Executive Interactive Producer: Dan Corken
Junior Interactive Producer: Jordan Griffith
Website Development: Hook Studios
Voicemail Recording: Coupe Studios
Associate Media Director: Craig McDowell
Media Supervisor: Liz Rogers
Social Media Supervisor: Jillian Hart
Social Media Community Manager: Katie Souther
Business Affairs Manager: Daphne Papadopulos
Senior Project Manager: Alex Blumfelder
Project Manager: Courtney Pollard

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