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Elegant Split Screens Balance On-Board With On-Shore in This Cruise-Line Ad


Figliulo & Partners doubles your pleasure through elegant use of split-screen technique in the agency's first major push for Carnival's ultra-luxury Seabourn Cruise Line.

Targeting affluent millennials, a playful, visually arresting anthem spot titled "Extraordinary Worlds" presents a series of complementary images on opposite sides of the screen. One panel shows on-board amenities, while the other displays highlights from exotic cruising destinations such as New Zealand and Iceland. Throughout the minute-long commercial, the frames work together to create an optical feast of color, flow and composition.

For example, hot massage stones along a sunbather's spine are juxtaposed with boulders kissed by the rolling surf—creating tricolor bands of pale blue sky, dark rock and tawny skin/sand.

"People don't think in black-and-white terms," agency CEO Mark Figliulo tells AdFreak. "They're considering where to go and where to stay at the same time. That's why we show this unique experience in those terms—the exquisite detail of the on-ship and on-shore experiences."

Another sequence shows cascading champagne poured into a delicate flute next to a majestic slow-motion forest waterfall, the liquid in each shot shimmering and sparkling like jewels. And in a particularly perky pairing, penguins frolic on the left while travelers share a toast at the right—the mellow beige/white hues of each frame in perfect sync.

In typical travel ads, footage of massage stones on someone's naked back or rocks on a beach, no matter how well composed, might seem hopelessly clichéd. Here, however, the artful combinations are appealing. Uncluttered by narration or even onscreen copy (until the very end), and well-served by a lilting soundtrack, the ad weaves an evocative oceanic spell. (Though lacking the split screens, the brand's new website, from F&P and digital shop Hungry, features tasteful, at times moody photography and intuitive navigation.)

While not exactly innovative, the campaign's stylish approach seems perfectly attuned to its luxe subject matter, and comes as a welcome change from the overly ambitious and noisy creative excursions some cruise lines have booked in recent years.

Client: Seabourn
Title: "Extraordinary Worlds"
Agency: Figliulo & Partners
Chief Executive Officer: Mark Figliulo
Head of Production: Robert Valdes
Sr. Art Director: Jay Wee
Copywriter: Chris Baker
Sr. Producer: Carly Chappell
Producer: Jill Landaker
Client Partner: Dena Graham
Photographer: Dana Neibert
Digital Partner: Hungry
Editors: Sarah Stuve, Bill Saunders
Post-Production House: The Mill
2D lead: Kieran Hanrahan
Producer: Devan Maura Saber
Colorist: Fergus McCall
Color Producer: Natalie Westerfield
Color Production Coordinator: Evan Bauer
Audio: Mr Bronx Audio Post
Producer: Claudia Gaspar
Mixer: Eric Hoffman

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