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Wendy's Tells the Sad-Funny Stories of Unworthy Foods Banned From the Baconator


Ever bitten into a sandwich only to meet with freezerburn, an unsatisfyingly thin piece of bacon or an unwelcome vegetable? We've all been there. It's one of our most trying and persistent #FirstWorldProblems. 

But Wendy's has a solution: The Baconator, which promises no frozen beef, no microwaved bacon and no vegetables whatsoever. And instead of food-porning us into submission, it's conveying these messages with a trio of bizarre short stories, in which anthropomorphized foodstuffs try penetrating the Baconator in modern contexts. 

Let's start with "Frozen Beef Need Not Apply." In this spot, a clearly frozen Australian beef patty tries interviewing for a Baconator job. It adds something to our disgust that he sweats (or defrosts?) all through it, but the final test of unfrozenness will send chills up the spine of anyone who's ever been given a corporate pee cup. 

In "Microwaves Are a Dealbreaker," a cute, upwardly mobile fresh meat patty is trying to find "a meaningful connection with the right applewood smoked bacon." Our juicy heroine meets a slice on the dating site "Meatswipe" (sadly not a thing—we checked so you wouldn't have to) who claims he's less thick than in his pictures because of filters. It all goes downhill from there ... but in his defense, we do consider microwaves a type of oven. 

The third spot, "No Veggies Allowed," is a little bit stranger, because veggies are usually a token indication of how fresh a sandwich is. But we guess there are some meals where they're just not welcome, like when you really want to focus on the unadulterated sensation of hot cheese melting over bacon and beef, which is totally fair enough. 

Anyway, in this one, three geeky veggies try getting into Club Baconator, using fake IDs. Needless to say, the bouncer is not impressed. 

The ads were created by VML, which swiped lead creative agency status out from under Publicis' nose back in March. At the time, Wendy's chief concept and marketing officer Kurt Kane said VML "has proven it can tell the Wendy's story in a modern and compelling way that drives winning business results." And indeed, it's done a lot to help the burger chain flex its beefy muscles in digital. 

Last year, to promote the Strawberry Fields Chicken Sandwich, it released a charming series of cinematic pins on Pinterest. Right after that, it held a livestream chat with YouTube duo Rhett & Link. Wendy's has also spent some time developing its chops on Snapchat, whose users these ads happen to feel destined for. 

Client: Wendy's
Advertising Agency: VML, Kansas, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Debbi Vandeven
Executive Creative Director: Chris Corley
Group Creative Director: Pat Piper
Creative Director: Daniel Lobaton
Associate Creative Director: Ethan Tedlock
Senior Copywriter: David Brandorff
Associate Art Director: McKailey Carson
Associate Copywriter: Ant Tull
Senior Producer: Michael Kinney
Associate Producer: Shae Mermis
Group Director: Jason Bass
Director, Client Engagement: Kelly Gartenmayer
Supervisor, Client Engagement: Nicole Debrick
Business Affairs Manager: Julie Kolton
Campaign Manager: Patty Jones
Production Company: Moo Studios
Director: Shaun Sewter
Producer: David Lyons
Line Producer: Monica Monique
Producer : Bennett Conrad
Editorial: Liquid 9
Editor : Ryan Lewis
Editor: Katie Wade
Production Coordinator: Kate Zadoo

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