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Lexus Hides Swimsuit Models in Interactive 'Sports Illustrated' Ad


Automakers seem to love the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue—probably because women wearing little clothing have been a staple of auto ads for generations. Last year we saw Ford sneak a fake swimsuit model into the issue, while Lexus built an entire racetrack in the shape of swimsuit model Tori Praver. Now, Lexus is back with a new interactive print ad from ad agency Team One in this year's swimsuit edition. The idea is this: The 2014 Lexus IS's bold new design makes it impossible to blend into the scenery. Likewise, swimsuit models have a tough time blending in. Still, the agency tried to camouflage them on the set—using body paint, high-contrast light and shadow effects, and stretched fabric. But they come to life when you scan a QR code on the page and place your phone in three different places on it. The video below shows it in action. The models don't really do much when they become animated, but anything more than a sway and a strut is probably asking too much. The interactive ad is part of a series of teasers ahead of a full campaign launch in June. On Wednesday night, the Lexus IS reveal video "Change Lanes" will be included as part of Sports Illustrated's first-ever 3-D projection mapping activation on the facade of Caesars resort in Las Vegas. See all four pages of the interactive print ad below.

Client: Lexus
Agency: Team One
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Graves
Group Creative Director: Craig Crawford
Associate Creative Director: Eric Arnold
Art Director: Dustin Arnold
Senior Art Producer: Jason Lau
Account Director: Kelly Stevens
Director of Technology: Eddie Stover
Senior interactive Producer: Chad Bauer
Technologist: Rob Edwards
Photographer, Director: Carlos Serrao
Executive Producer: Kim Johnson
Layering and Compositing: Terry Silberman, ArsenalFX

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