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Ad of the Day: VisitEngland


Everyone's favorite British Claymation characters are famously fond of taking trips to far-flung places.

In their first Oscar-nominated short, Wallace (a known Wensleydale enthusiast) and Gromit spend a bank holiday traveling to the moon in search of cheese. Now, the duo are staying quite a bit closer to home in a new tourism ad for the VisitEngland campaign.

Once again in the "holiday mood," Wallace proposes that he and Gromit take a vacation by shooting themselves to Timbuktu (or perhaps even farther than that) in a rocket—despite Gromit's sensible suggestion that they stay closer to home and follow the suggestions in a U.K. travel magazine. After packing a few essentials (parachute, trusted travel companion, bestselling book Fifty Shades of Greyhound), Wallace jumps into his latest invention … and accidentally launches himself and his dog straight into the roof of their home.

Wallace finally takes note of Gromit's magazine (always so silly, that Wallace!), and the pair set off in their trusty motorbike to explore all that the U.K. has to offer.

"I never knew there was so much to do!" Wallace exclaims. And judging from the resulting travel photos—dancing at Stonehenge, hunting the Loch Ness Monster, backpacking in Wales, catching a production of Cats—there really are a surprising number of activities to be found in a country roughly the size of Michigan.

Presumably, there was also some pretty good cheese.

Client: VisitEngland
Agency: 4VE, London
Production Company: Aardman Animations
Director: Merlin Crossingham
Creative Director/Art Director: Gary Marjoram
Creative Director/Copywriter: James Maclean
Agency Producer: Jane Edwards
Aardman Producer: Helen Argo
Account Director: Britt Sarony
Project Manager: Ailsa Wakley

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