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One Twitter User Could Win a Million Followers


Who needs $1 million when you could have a million Twitter followers? OK, you're right, most people would choose the money, but two Martin Agency creatives have come up with a clever way of making the latter a possibility. Twitterich.com is a stripped-down site built with one (extremely ambitious) goal in mind: To gain a million followers for the new @1MillionRicher account and donate them to one random user who has followed the account. "It's not for money, it's not a scam, and you won't get spammed," says the site's video introduction. The project's legal disclaimer says that the winner must agree "not to exploit followers for commercial purposes," but that's a pretty broad and laughably unenforceable restriction. Offering someone an audience of 1 million people, then making them swear not to profit from it, seems either naive or cruel. That said, Conan O'Brien didn't seem to corrupt random fan Sarah Killen (now Sarah Slowik) when he chose her among hundreds of thousands of followers to be his first follow. Today, she's still a normal lady who just celebrated having her first baby. But her windfall was a mere 90,000 followers. That's nothing compared to the fabulous winnings promised by Twitterich. 

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