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Ad of the Day: Oreo's Holiday Song About Balls Is a Real Treat at Just the Right Time


Let's get something out of the way first: Oreo cookie balls are not an actual Oreo product. They are, according to the Internet, a homemade delicacy involving crushed Oreos that are mixed with cream cheese, rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. I've never actually had one of these confections (and only learned of their existence about an hour ago), but dear God they sound delicious.

Anyway, we're here to talk about Oreo's latest ad-slash-song from The Martin Agency, and this time it isn't another rendition of the "Wonderfilled" tune but an entirely new paean to the aforementioned cookie balls. While Oreo has stuck with semi-familiar names to headline its past musical endeavors, for the "Oreo Cookie Balls Song," it enlisted the mostly unknown (at least judging by his 816 Twitter followers) hip-hop artist Jinx.

And my, what a bang-up job he does.

While "Wonderfilled" was undeniably catchy, it was also incredibly cloying. (Sorry, but giving an Oreo to the Big Bad Wolf isn't going to magically convince him to help the Three Little Pigs build a deck. They're still getting eaten.) The "Oreo Cookie Ball Song," on the other hand, is both catchy and delightfully weird.

From Jinx's bizarre pronunciations ("bawls," "rein-dur") to his deadpan delivery of helpful decorating tips ("Put a little carrot on it, you made a snowman!") and possibly suggestive lyrics ("Come Christmas mornin', you gon' taste some cookie balls"), the song steers clear of any Owl City-esque saccharine overload. (Hell, even Chiddy Bang's version of "Wonderfilled" was kind of sappy.)

And at this time of year, when the sheer amount of advertising treacle can give anyone a sugar headache, a cookie commercial that eschews holiday sentimentality for rapping about "balls" is a welcome sight indeed.

Client: Oreo, Mondelez International
Senior Director, Oreo and Chips Ahoy: Janda Lukin
Brand Manager, Oreo: Kristin Hajinlian

Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director: Jorge Calleja
Vice President, Creative Director: David Muhlenfeld
Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Vice President, Planning Director: John Gibson
Strategic Planner: Gigi Jordan
Group Account Director: Darren Foot
Account Supervisor: Laurel Busony
Account Executive: Molly Holmes
Broadcast Senior Vice President, Managing Director: Steve Humble
Senior Broadcast Producer: Kathy Lippincott
Junior Broadcast Producer: Maggie Shifflett
Group Project Manager: Giao Roever

Animation Company: Hue & Cry, Richmond, Va.
Lead Animator: Andrew Prousalis
Animation Artists: Matt Deans, Georgiy Kuznetsov, Stephen Loveluck, Ryan Musselman, Liam Ward

Audio Post Company: Amplified Wax
Engineer: Jimmy Hill

Music: English Major
Composer, Arranger, Mixer: David Muhlenfeld

Voiceover Talent: Jinx

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