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Ad of the Day: Hyundai's Two Super Bowl Ads Are Simple, Cute and Fun


Sometimes it's the understated celebrity cameos that do the trick on the Super Bowl.

Johnny Galecki certainly fits the bill, and has picked a good time to make his commercial acting debut—in one of two charming 30-second Super Bowl ads from Hyundai and ad agency Innocean, both of which were posted online Monday.

Galecki, 38, known for his work on Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory, stars in a spot called "Nice," directed by Jim Jenkins. An attractive woman pulls up next to him on the road. They're both driving 2014 Hyundai Elantras. "Nice ride," says Galecki with an awkward smile. "Nice try," the woman replies, and heads off. He trails her, eventually catching up, and humorously tries out other lines, with extremely limited success. After another amusing celebrity cameo, the spot ends with a visual that's comically over the top.

Including Super Bowl worthy spectacles while lightly poking fun of them at the same time is often a winning strategy, and Hyundai pulls it off nicely with "Nice."

"I've always loved Super Bowl ads—the commercials during the game are always the highlight for me," Galecki said in a statement. "In this Hyundai spot, there's a car chase, there's explosions, and even a car jump—it's exciting, cinematic and filled with humor. I can't wait for everyone to see it!"

The second spot, "Dad's Sixth Sense," directed by Frank Todaro, is cute, too. It's all about slapstick humor, as a father saves his son from physical harm through the years—although when it comes time to learn how to drive, it's the 2015 Hyundai Genesis that takes care of him the best.

At one point in the ad, Dad gets whacked with a piñata stick, which is among the more reliable ways to get a laugh. But in fact, many of the scenes here will get a chuckle. (Bonus tie-in: The spot features the song "Count On Me" by halftime-show performer Bruno Mars.)

And speaking of chuckles, Jeff Bridges even giggles a bit in the voiceover at the end of "Nice." That sums up the vibe of these two spots—simple, laid back, fun loving and cute. They should do well on Sunday.

Client: Hyundai Motor America
Title & Length: "Nice" :30
Product: Hyundai Elantra
Air Date: Super Bowl 2/2/14

Agency: Innocean USA
Executive Creative Director: Greg Braun
Creative Director: Robert Prins
Creative Director: Max Godsil
Art Director: Aisha Hakim
Copywriter: Matt League
Director of Integrated Production: Jamil Bardowell
Sr. Producer: Nicolette Spencer
Producer: Chris Schaldenbrand

Production Company: O Positive
Director: Jim Jenkins
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Executive Producer/Line Producer: Marc Grill
DP: Bojan Bazelli

Editorial: Arcade Edit
Editor: Paul Martinez & Greg Scruton
Managing Partner / EP: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Nicole Visram
Post Producer: Kirsten Thon-Webb
Assistant: Pete D'Andrea

Telecine: Company 3 LA
Producer: Matt Moran
Colorist: Sean Coleman

Online & FX: The Mill LA

Audio: Eleven Sound
Artist: Scott Burns
Executive Producer: Suzanne Hollingshead


Client: Hyundai Motor America  
Title & Length: "Dad's Sixth Sense" :30
Product: Genesis  
Agency: Innocean USA 
Executive Creative Director: Greg Braun
Creative Director: Robert Prins
Creative Director: Max Godsil
Copywriter: Josh Cassidy  
Art Director: Vince Feliciano 
Director of Integrated Production: Jamil Bardowell
Senior Producer: Harry Lowell
Production Company: Moxie Pictures 
Director: Frank Todaro  
Executive Producer: Karol Zeno 
Producer: Laura Heflin
DP: Eric Schmidt   

Editorial: Arcade Edit
Editor: Geoff Hounsell  
Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Nicole Visram
Post Producer: Leslie Carthy
Assistant: Sean Lagrange 

Telecine: Company 3 
Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov
Colorist: Dave Hussey
Online & FX: Timber
Jonah Hall: Creative Director
Chris DeCristo: Lead Flame
Compositor: Krista Benson
Flame Assistant: Austin Hickman-Fain
Head of Production: Michael Theurer
Producer: Emily Avoujageli

Mix: Eleven Sound  
Artist: Scott Burns  
Executive Producer: Suzanne Hollingshead
Assistant: A.J. Murillo


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