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Ad of the Day: Heineken Wants Guys to Show Their Feelings This Valentine's Day


It's Feb. 11. You know what that means? There are only three days left until Valentine's Day! Oh, and it also means you'd better have solid dinner plans for Friday night, because all the good reservations filled up months ago.

But what if, between the Super Bowl and the Olympics and constantly shoveling snow, you forgot to make plans?

Heineken has you covered, thanks to a new social-media campaign devised by Wieden + Kennedy in New York. All this week, you can tweet at @Heineken_US to request a #DateInABox—which is an actually red, glittery vault containing a certificate for a prearranged date for two. (Examples include "a jujitsu lesson for two, couples' tattoos and an improv class." That's what you get for not thinking ahead.) There's a catch, though: In order to get the code to unlock the vault, the guy in the relationship must publicly share a picture of the #DateInABox on Instagram.

If that doesn't sound like much of a "catch," that's because you, dear reader, are probably a lady. According to Heineken, ladies are all about declaring their love on social media. (That is, if a heavily filtered photo of you and your significant other of two weeks with the caption "MY BF ILYSM" counts as a declaration of love.) Dudes, on the other hand, are loathe to share their romantic sides online for fear of letting their bros know that they are, in fact, total softies.

So, forgetful men of the world, that leaves you with an important choice. Admit defeat and stay home alone on V-Day, or risk your social media cred by accepting Heineken's offer.

If neither sounds appealing, you could always try to steal someone else's dinner reservation. There are probably a few John Smiths on the Cheesecake Factory waiting list, right?

Client: Heineken
Project: #DateInABox

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York
Creative Directors: Eric Steele, Erik Norin
Social Strategist/Creative: Jessica Abercrombie
Brand Strategist: Kelly Lynn Wright
Copywriter: Mike Vitiello
Creative/Community Manager: Rocio Urena
Head of Content Production: Lora Schulson
Executive Producer: Nick Setounski
Senior Broadcast Producer: Cheryl Warbrook
Print Producer: Kristen Althoff
Account Team: Patrick Cahill, Samantha Wagner, Kristen Herrington
Business Affairs: Quentin Perry
Design Director: Serifcan Ozcan
Designer: Lorin Brown
Project Manager: Sunjoo Ryou

Production Company: Joint
Executive Producer : Michelle Carman
Photographer: Doug Zajaczkowski
Producer: Jennifer Chen
Editor: John Resner
Motion Graphics Director: Yui Uchida

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