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Cuervo Imagines What Its Website Would Have Looked Like in 1795, 1880, 1945 and 1974


How does the world's oldest tequila maker introduce a brand-spanking-new website? By keeping one foot firmly in the past.

McCann New York has launched a new site for Jose Cuervo that's actually five sites in one. In addition to its new site for 2014, the brand also imagines what the brand website would have looked like in 1795, 1880, 1945 and 1974.

"Fully actualizing the concept in an authentic way required researching the language and design tropes of each chosen year, and then presenting what we needed to say about Cuervo through those stylistic realities," the agency says.

It's a fun idea, and 1945 and 1974 are both particularly groovy. The only downside, in fact, is that the 2014 version feels visually staid by comparison.

Screen shots and credits below.

1795 website:

1880 website:

1945 website:

1974 website:

2014 website:

Client: Proximo Spirits / Cuervo
Client: Elwyn Gladstone
Agency: McCann New York

Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy
Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan
Group Creative Director: Mat Bisher
Design Director: Brad Blondes
Senior Art Director: Elinor Beltrone
Copywriter: Sarah Lloyd
Designer: Ledi Lalaj

Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram
Executive Integrated Producer: Catherine Eve Patterson
Senior Integrated Producers: Geoff Guinta, Jill Toloza
Associate Producer: Lauren Bauder

Production Company: Transistor Studios
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Baumle
Executive Producer: Damon Meena
Head of Production: Jesse Kurnit
Creative Director: Jamie Rockaway
Art Director: Geoff Keough
Developer: Brian Hersey
Designers: Ryan Weibust, Diana Park, Mauricio Leon, Edgardo Moreno, Tesia Jurkiewicz, Chris Murray and Carolyn Frisch

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