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Warby Parker Has Its Eye on You With First-Ever TV Spot


Online eyewear shop Warby Parker has built a loyal online audience in recent years through its stylish vibe, low prices and clean, minimalist site design—and surely won some new fans with its 2011 annual report, which it packaged as a lighthearted, interactive and addictive infographic. Now, like Zappos before it, the shopping site is making the leap beyond word of mouth and hitting the airwaves with its first-ever TV ad. The surreal spot by New York agency Partners & Spade is packed with bright visuals but still manages to be crisp and informative. The images were culled by artist and designer Alia Penner from "1950s magazines, collections of Victorian wallpaper, Japanese architecture textbooks and more," according to the backstory posted on Warby Parker's site. Full credits after the jump.

Client: Warby Parker
Spot: "Eyeballs Looking for Glasses"

Agency: Partners & Spade, New York
Creative Directors: Anthony Sperduti, Andy Spade, Griffin Creech
Producer: Jamie Arendt
Artistic Director: Alia Penner

Production Company: Blacklist
Director: Saiman Chow
Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producer: Hana Shimizu
Art Director: Alex Mapar
Animators: Kristen Basile, Alex Mapar
Animation Assistant: Emilie Liu

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