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Simon Cowell Really Wants to Sell You These $300 Sony Headphones


Do you wear a lot of plaid, dance on top of cars, swim in your clothes, buy real records and hone the perfect bed head? Then does Simon Cowell have a set of headphones for you, you lovely young thang. A partnership between the acerbic star-maker and Sony Electronics has birthed yet another entry into the jam-packed overpriced-headphones category, this one called X Brand. Expect to see the product become as ubiquitous on The X Factor, Fox's second-season talent show, for which Cowell is creator-producer-judge, as the Coca-Cola cups (and competitor Beats headphones) are on American Idol. A pair of ads from Omelet Los Angeles and production company Foundation Content will launch the $300 X Brands, clearly aimed at the hip kids who "live music." Cowell, for his part, promises that the product is the best on the market, because, of course, he'd like to see them wrapped around the noggins of myriad millennials. The ads, initially slated for in-store airings at Best Buy and other retailers, will start popping up on broadcast and cable TV and on the Jumbotron in Times Square. Brace yourself for the onslaught of mousse, skinny jeans and meticulously cultivated cool.

Second spot and credits below.

Client: Sony Electronics / X Brand
Agency: Omelet, Los Angeles
Production Company: Foundation Content

"Soul and Science"
Director — James Levon
Editor — James Levon
Producer — Stacy Paris, Erin Sullivan
Color — Ryan Stemple
2nd Unit Photography — Weird Days

Directors — Focus Creeps (Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown)
Editor — Anna Patel
Producer  — Stacy Paris
Color — Ryan Stempel

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