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April Fools' Day 2014: The Best of the Brand Hoaxes


Happy April Fools' Day!

This year, all the usual brand suspects are joined by a host of tech companies and startups in trying to throw you for a loop—a near impossibility these days. And in an odd move, American Eagle Outfitters pranked us an entire week early.

Stay tuned. We'll be updating this list throughout the day.

(2:59 p.m. ET): Here are a bunch more. Scroll down to see the earlier ones.
• Bonobos
The apparel company created TechStyle—wearable tech-clothing that connects you socially to a psychopathic artificial intelligence.

• Denny's
In a surprising, press-getting twist, the restaurant opted out of April Fools' Day altogether.

• WestJet
The airline is converting to "metric time" to be even more Canadian.

• RedBox
The DVD rental company created Mood Match, which lets you auto-match your movie selection to your mood. Dissapointed that it's fake? Get 50 cents off today with the code Aprilfools.

• Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand
Ad agency creates an app to help clients fire their agency.

• Samsung and HTC
Bothbrands have made fake wearable tech gloves. HTC won this battle.

• American Well
The telehealth firm has introduced Puppy Connect, which lets you connect to puppies to improve your health. Aww, puppies.

The Large Hadron Collider is switching to exclusively using Comic Sans font and is adding a Justin Bieber selfie to its logo.

• Vegemite
The Australian food paste has created its first energy drink. iDrink 2.0 comes in one flavor: Vegemite:

• Google Chrome
The browser wants to translate everything to Emoiji. Turn it on for your browser, and it will work only for today.

• Google Chromecast
The streaming device announces a new era of entertainment populated entirely by squirrels.

• Twitter
The Twitter helmet will allow you to tweet with a simple pecking head motion. What, we don't even get an illustration of this?

• Toshiba
In our third wearable tech glove prank of the day, Toshiba introduces DiGiT.

• Tumblr
Tumblr has launched Tumblr pro, a new service that puts top hats on everything. Be sure to watch the amazing, inspiring video.

• Microsoft
Clippy, the helpful paperclip, has returned to his reign of terror on Office.com.

• Captain Morgan
Hopefully this Taco Rum is fake, although Chrissy Teigen says she's not opposed.


The original list is below:
• Google

Linked off the Google homepage this morning is the Auto Awesome Photobombs app for Google+, which lets you insert David Hasselhoff into any photo.

• American Eagle Outfitters
Charging out of the gates last week, American Eagle announced American Beagle Outfitters, a new clothing line for dogs, complete with a dogumentary.

• Cheetos
Spokescheetah Chester released his new fragrance, Cheeteau. They took it a step further by actually making a few bottles of the stuff, and sent one to AdFreak. It reeks, and not in a good way. In New York City today? Try it yourself on Madison Avenue between 59th and 61st Streets.

• YouTube
The video site announces the absurd viral trends for the rest of the year.

• Reddit
"Headdit" lets you navigate Reddit with your head. Includes special cat mode.

• Airbnb
Now you can rent out other people's office desks.

• Sony
Tired of plugging your gadgets into wall sockets? Sony has invented Sony Power Food, which can power both you and your devices. Weird.

• BetaBrand
Introducing Adult Adult Undergarments. They'll make her pants as wet as yours.

• Publicis Seattle
The agency has created Brand Drops, the world's first branded aromatic rain. They turn a rainy day into the ultimate out-of-home, multisensory brand experience.

• Qless
This startup has created Line Ringer, an app that scans for the cell-phone numbers of the people ahead of you in line and calls them with fake emergencies that force them to sacrifice their place. I wish it was real.

• Fresh Direct
The food-delivery company is offering eagle-caught salmon sustainably harvested in the wilds of upstate New York.

• Google Maps
Compete to become the world's best Pokémon master and win a job at Google Maps. OK, the job doesn't exist, but you can download the app and find the missing Pokémon.

• Gmail
Google's mail app has created "sharable selfie" themes for your Gmail inbox—or as they're calling them, Shelfies. And … they're claiming they invented the term "selfie." Again, it's not fully a joke, as you can now set your Gmail box to show other people's Shelfies.

• Orbotix
Speaking of selfies, Orbotix, maker of the Sphero ball toy, has invented a tiny hovering drone called the selfie bot, so you can take selfies every second of the day.

• Google Japan
Check out the Magic Hand, a joystick that replaces your hand with a robotic hand. Just another example of Chindogu.

• Nest
The home automation company teams with Virgin America to create Total Temperature Control for every seat on Virgin, introduced by Tony Fadell and Sir Richard Branson.

• Virgin Active
The Smarty Pants are underwear with a built-in meter to count your every glute lex and ensure your rump is in tip-top twerking shape.

• Waze
How do I love thee? Count the ways with new WazeDates. Because honking only takes you so far.

• National Geographic Channel
The channel will be running some of its classic programs with new audio courtesy of RiffTrax. This will probably seem more prank-like if you're flipping through and have no clue why the honeybadger is mouthing off again.

• The Pirate Bay
A special device will embrace your entire mind and upload Pirate Bay's content directly into your brain.

• Ely, Minnesota
The April Fools'-loving city is launching The Ely Channel, featuring great TLC-inspired shows like Sauna Wars, The Real Housewives of St. Louis County and Iron Range Chef.

Introducing the Ultimate Sleeping Machine. BMW is old hat at this, so hats off for another super cute prank.

• Dominos U.K.
The world's first edible pizza box. Also, ewww.

• Samsung Mobile U.K.
How to bring free wifi to all of London. With Fli-Fy, powered by the city's pigeons.

• Caribou Coffee
Check out Caribou Clear, the world's first clear coffee.

• Tropicana
It's a day for lots of fake new food flavors and varieties. Like Tropicana's All Pulp.

• BirchBox
An app update auto-identifies the makeup someone is wearing.

• Chegg
The academic company has created Chegg U., with groundbreaking courses in Advanced Flip Cup,Microwavable Culinary Arts and Mastering the Selfie.

• Think Geek
The nerd site tests a gamut of new products on April Fools' Day each year. Among this year's creations: the NERF Nuke, the Keurig Mr. Beard Instant Beard Machine, the Flux Capacitor Car Charger, the USS Enterprise Flying Disk, the DarkMange LED Spellcasting Staff, a laser-guided necktie and the Das Can-in-Stein.

• JetBlue
In an anti-prank, JetBlue is again giving free fares to people whose birthdays are April 1.

• CafePress
The site has launcged CafePredict. In conjunction with the NSA, they'll ship you items before you order them.

• Rekya Vodka
A lava-rock drinking-water filter.

• Chili's
The restaurant chain has put everything you love about Chili's in an ice cream. Try Nacho Queso Crunch, Baby Back Chunk and Buffalo Brownie Sundae. Because there's a pregnant lady somewhere.

• Life at Google
Try out Google Resume Auto-Awesome (actually not that awesome).

• Rosetta Stone
The language software company now lets you Learn to Speak Klingon. It's another product some people would actually buy. Plus, they got Worf himself, Michael Dorn, to star in the video.

• Spaghetti O's
Now they're Spaghetti Squares.

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