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Can a Sustainable Font Help Save the World? This Ad Agency Has Made One


Ryman Eco, a new "sustainable font" from U.K. retailer Ryman Stationery and ad agency Grey London, uses 33 percent less ink than standard typefaces. According to Grey, if the world switched to Ryman Eco as its default print front, it could save almost 500 million ink cartridges and 15 million barrels of oil every year. Fuck you, Verdana, filthy planet killer!

Sorry. Like all right thinking people, I get mighty fired up about fonts.

Sustainable typefaces have been in the news since a 14-year-old American student took time off from going through puberty to suggest that U.S. federal and state governments could save a combined $370 million annually by changing from Times New Roman to Garamond.

Ryman Eco, which Grey says was developed at the same time as Suvir Mirchandani's idea, began as an internal project. Grey brought the idea to Ryman, the U.K.'s biggest stationer, and worked with Monotype's Dan Rhatigan to develop the font. Grey hopes to make Ryman Eco the default printer typeface across its global network.

Of course, using no paper at all would do a lot more to help the environment, but Ryman probably doesn't want to hear about that.

Actually, Ryman Eco looks kind of haughty and full of itself. It's OK for wedding invitations and christenings, I guess, but for down-and-dirty jobs like press releases and earnings reports, I much prefer Poo Corny.

Still, Ryman Eco sure beats Comic Sans, which is far deadlier than climate change and will surely destroy us all!

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