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This Rad Mountain Dew Bottle Has a Built-In Hex Nut Wrench, So You Can Fix Your Skateboard


Fresh from the gnarly folks at Mountain Dew comes "the first soda that is also a tool."

A nifty new Dew bottle designed by Sancho BBDO Colombia is fitted with a hex nut wrench in the cap, so you can fix your board after you've face-planted trying to land a sick trick that ended up all sketchy. It's perfect for skaters who could use a little extra hand during their next search for Animal Chin.

I guess it is cool and all, but I'm pretty sure you can only tighten screws; if you tried to loosen them, wouldn't the cap itself just unscrew? It also doesn't seem like you'd get much torque this way. But I nitpick. It would be killer if the bottle came with some cash stuffed inside it for emergency room bills. Or Obamacare. Dude, put Obamacare in the bottle. 

But whatever, this poser's hella old—gotta bail. Wake me up when the hoverboard is real.

Check it, brah.

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