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Viewers Use Twitter to Determine the Course of Mercedes TV Spots


Mercedes-Benz pulled off a choose-your-own-adventure TV commercial last weekend in the U.K. as part of its interactive #YOUDRIVE campaign. The ad, which followed a young pop star riding out to an illegal gig, was split into three parts and allowed viewers to vote via Twitter on how key moments in the story would play out from spot to spot. I'm surprised it took this long for someone to make this kind of TV campaign, really. It's the perfect use for Twitter, and if ads are going to run longer, they might as well give viewers the superficial illusion of choice, especially during an election year. Most important, it would finally let the rest of us know exactly how many douchebags out there really do want Calculon to double-check his paperwork. The experience is replicated over on YouTube, but for some reason it works only on the Mercedes channel itself—it can't be embedded around the Web. Via PSFK.

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