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Rodent Control Company d-CON Puts Missing Posters for Mice Around NYC


Rats and mice are not endangered species in New York City. (There are thought to be at least as many rats as people in the Big Apple, and there could be five times as many.) But d-CON, the rodent control company, is taking its small victories against our furry friends and publicly celebrating them in an amusing new campaign from Havas Worldwide.

As one part of the integrated campaign, the agency put missing posters for rodents all over the city, at mice level (though presumably not in the subway, where they'd be more likely to be proven wrong in an instant). Havas also created the darkly comic videos below, in which mice families deal with the horror of having ingested d-CON products.

Because if there's one advertising category where depictions of painful death are acceptable, even enjoyed, it's pest control.

Client: d-CON
Agency: Havas Worldwide, New York
Darren Moran: Chief Creative Officer               
Dustin Duke: Group Creative Director                               
Jon Wagner: Group Creative Director                               
Eric Rojas: Creative Director               
Eric Bertuccio: Writer
Vin Farrell: Global Chief Content Officer
Sylvain Tron: Co-Head of Production, North America
Deepa Joshi: Executive Producer
Erin Jackson: Producer
Tim Maleeny: Chief Strategy Officer
Kerin Morrison: Group Planning Director                       
Chris Lake: Senior Strategist
Betsy Simons: Global Brand Director
Joe Maglio: Group Account Director
Darah Rifkin: Account Supervisor
Production Company: Bar 1
Joe Barone: Director                               
Tim Leitner: Mixer                               
Dawn Mjoen: Casting Director                       
Radek Hanak, Unit+Sofa: Production Designer                               
David Bartin, Studio 6: Editor

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