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'Marketing: The Musical' Thanks You for Being Such a Stupid, Sheeplike Slave to Brands


Hey, fellow morons. Just wanted to let you know the marketers are on to us. 

"People want to want things. Consumers need you to go," says the Canadian Marketing Association's invitation to its 2014 national convention. As an added bonus, Toronto agency Cundari created some short, bad-on-purpose musical skits (see below) celebrating idiot consumers and their search for the meaning of life through brands.

The point of the snarky little vignettes is that no one would ever know what to buy or sell if marketers didn't tell us how to think and act. Don't know about you, but I'm craving some red soda pop right about now. Or maybe blue.

Via Ads of the World.

Client: Canadian Marketing Association
Agency: Cundari, Toronto
Group Creative Directors: Brian Murray, Sean Ganann
Art Director: Sean Ganann
Copywriter: Brian Murray
Director: Max Sherman / OPC
Editor: Graham Chisholm / Married to Giants
Colourist: Conor Fisher / Alter Ego
Music: Grayson Matthews
Published: May 2014

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