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Ad of the Day: Cadillac, Spike Lee Tell Teddy Bridgewater's Touching Mother's Day Story


When Teddy Bridgewater was 9 years old, he promised his mother Rose that when he made it to the NFL, he would buy her a pink Cadillac Escalade.

The first part of Bridgewater's dream came true on Thursday night. The Miami native and University of Louisville quarterback was selected by the Minnesota Vikings with the 32nd and final pick of the first round of the NFL Draft.

Cadillac caught wind of the second part of his dream, about the pink Escalade, and helped make it come true. The gift reveal is included in the seven-minute film below, directed by Spike Lee, about Teddy and his family. The color choice is made doubly meaningful as Rose is a breast cancer survivor.

I haven't been the biggest fan of Cadillac lately, but this is a nice move. And pro athletes are certainly stepping up with beautiful tributes to their moms this week—following Kevin Durant's moving speech, which is now an NBA ad.

Hats off to Teddy, and a very Happy Mother's Day to Rose.

Client: Cadillac
Agencies: Rogue, Boston; Spike DDB, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Chief Creative Officer: Lance Jensen
Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Copy: Dave Banta
Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director, Art: Kevin Daley
Vice President, Associate Creative Director, Art: Khari Streeter
Vice President, Creative Director, Copy: Lawson Clarke
Chief Execjtive Officer, Chief Creative Officer: Spike Lee, Spike DDB
Executive Creative Director: Dabo Che, Spike DDB
Creative Director: Rachel Donovan, Spike DDB
Creative Director, Digital: Matthew Zelley
Account Team: Megan Wiggin, Clifford Stevens, Emily Shahady, Kristen Selasky, Riyhana Bey, Geneika Lewis, Kaitlyn Sherman, Chad McLean
Project Management: Paul Pantzer, Christy Costello
Planner: Anne Feighan
Executive Producer: Andrew Barnett
Content, Social Media: John Dukakis, Jamie Scheu, Lora Stock
Operations Manager, Assistant Producer: Robyn Ross
Director of Operations, Integrated Production: Lizzie Haberman, Spike DDB

Production Company: 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks
Executive Producer: Alex Wright
Director: Spike Lee
Director of Photography: Daniel Patterson
Makeup: JoJo Rogriguez
Stylist: Jessica Thornhill

Editing House: Lost Planet
Editors: Jacks Genega, Ben Rodriguez
Producers: Krystn Wagenberg, Kate McCormick
Graphics Supervisor: Reginald William Butler

Music Houses: Amber Music; HiFi
Creative Director: Paul Robb, HiFi
Music Producer: Michelle Curren and Mike Perri, Amber; Jack Bradley, HiFi
Music Composer: Robert DiPietro, HiFi

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