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Coke Plays Peacemaker in Another War: the Milan Soccer Rivalry


Here's an amusing bit of mischief. Coca-Cola brought together fans on both sides of one of soccer's fiercest rivalries by making them give each other sodas.

"Fair Play Machines," a campaign from McCann in Milan, shows the brand placing a pair of its signature high-tech, manipulative vending machines at opposite ends of San Siro Stadium in Milan while club teams Inter Milan and A.C. Milan were facing off there. Fans of each team could hit a button to serve a Coke to an opposing fan at the other machine—effectively forcing opponents to do something nice for one another.

The clip is full of the happy vibes to be expected from Coke ads, and a nice nod to good sportsmanship—in a league where its opposite has been disturbingly true lately.

It's also reminiscent of the brand's "Small World Machines" campaign from last year, which tried to ameliorate the India-Pakistan conflict with a similar set of interconnected machines—though softening a sports feud is maybe a less pretentious bit of peacemaking for a sugar water company.

Credits below.

Client: Coca-Cola
Roel Annega – CSE Marketing Director
Andreas Johler – CSE My Coke Director
Guido Rosales – EUG IMC Director
Claudia Navarro – CSE IMC Director
Francesco Cibò – CSE Content Excellence Manager
Camilla Zanaria – CSE Content Excellence Manager
Agency: McCann Worldgroup Milan
Global Creative Director: Miguel Bemfica,
Creative Director: Gastón Guetmonovitch, Miguel Usandivaras
Art Director: Cristina Caballero
Copywriter: Curro Piqueras
Graphic Designer: Marina Tercelán
Account Manager: Sanziana Fanica
Account Director: Andrei Kaigorodov
Agency Producer: Massimo Busato
Production Company: Filmmaster Productions
Director: Edoardo Lugari,
Executive Producer: Karim Bartoletti
Producer: Elena Marabelli
Editor: Francesco Cusanno, Toboga
Music: Alberto Cimarrusti, Bronze Radio Return

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