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Girl Fakes Getting Her Period, and Pays the Price, in Hilarious New Ad From Hello Flo


Hello Flo, a tampon subscription service, had a major advertising hit last summer with "Camp Gyno," a hilarious long-form spot about a pre-teen girl who becomes a product- and advice-dispensing despot at summer camp after becoming the first girl to get her period.

Now, company founder and CEO Naama Bloom has teamed up with that spot's writers/directors, Jamie T. McCelland and Pete Marquis, for a sequel that's just as comically frank and stars another amusingly precocious girl.

The time, though, the girl has the opposite problem. All her friends are getting their periods, and she's not. So, she decides to fake it—with quite disastrous results, as her mother, who knows she's lying, decides to throw her a "first moon party."

Like the first video, this one—which sells Hello Flo's Period Starter Kit (aka, "The gift before the gift")—isn't for anyone squeamish about the word vagina, in particular. For everyone else, it's another pretty hilarious take on the subject, making it increasingly less taboo and hopefully selling some product in the process.

Credits below.

Client: Hello Flo
CEO, Founder: Naama Bloom
Written and Directed by Jamie McCelland and Pete Marquis
Production Company: Hayden 5
Producer: Todd Wiseman Jr.
Executive Producers: Milos S. Silber
Director of Photography: Josh Fisher
Production Designer: Ally Nesmith
UMP: Dale Arroyo
Editing Company: Beast Editorial
Editor: Karen Kourtessis
Post Producer: Valerie Iorio
Executive Producer: Helena Lee

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