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Vote Now So You Can Complain Later, Says Election Campaign


"If you don't vote, you can't complain," the old saying goes. But that's not a great foundation for an ad campaign about voting—it's the wrong way around. How about: "If you do vote, you can complain." That's more like it. Ad agency Third Street latches on to Americans' time-honored propensity to bitch endlessly about anything and everything in a new campaign called Real Complainers Vote—a nonpartisan initiative to get young people engaged in the political process. The centerpiece is the two-minute video below—a collaboration between Third Street, street artist Ray Noland and production company Foundation Content. It's narrated by improv comedian T.J. Miller. Also check out some posters after the jump. Then go vote, and complain all you want after the election. Or, you know, just leave the country. Credits below as well.

Third Street Advertising Credits:
Chief Creative Officer: David T. Jones
Associate Creative Director: Max Mearsheimer
Director of Relationship Marketing: Phil Robinson
Attention Agent: Brittany Mason
Insane comedian friend: T.J. Miller

Foundation Content Production Credits:
Executive Producer: Samantha Hart
Creative Director/Motion Designer: Kyle Shoup
Artist:  Ray Noland
Editor: Steve Morrison
Mixer: Dave Kresl
Associate Producer: Lily Tomczak

"Give a F*CK" poster by Danielle Riendeau
"Close the Curtain" poster by Blaise Vincz

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