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Sweden Designs the First Summer Festival Poster You Can Climb On


Snask, an agency in Stockholm, made a huge 3-D poster for this year's Malmö Festival, which is essentially a massive street fair that runs through the second half of August. The "poster" is actually a series of giant 3-D letters, numbers, and shapes that took 14 people over 900 hours to make. They're made out of plywood, in case anyone out there cares.

Calling this thing a poster feels a bit off. It's more of an art installation. You can't even see the whole image from the ground; you have to be up in the air to do that. That said, it's way cooler than your typical poster, and it's going to be a centerpiece of the festival, so visitors can climb all over it and stuff.

See more images and the photographed poster below.

Via Joquz and Design Taxi.

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