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Ad of the Day: Penélope Cruz Drives Models to a Desert Striptease for Agent Provocateur


Penélope Cruz is back to hawk L'Agent, the lingerie line she and her sister Monica developed for Agent Provocateur. And in the least surprising news of the year, the ad features a lot of almost-naked women.

After Penélope's ass-fest directorial debut last year, she wrote, directed and also appears on camera in this ad for the brand, driving what looks like a '70s-era two-door coupe (Lincoln Continental, car experts?), cherry red of course, to a halt in a desert. An impossible number of models pour out of the whip, and naturally proceed to have a sexy strip-dance party in the middle of nowhere.

Video is NSFW.

This means lots of bending and bouncing, and to quote Reggie Watts, shaking of their jiggly bits. It's not that different from a music video, if the focus of the music video were the almost-naked girls rather than the music. (So, yeah, it's like a lot of music videos.) There's even a pseudo-storyline. See, some poor sap of a guy is stranded and thirsty, and these girls are all just a mirage. Or are they?

Just when you thought the three-and-a-half-minute video couldn't get any more raunchy, the ladies start doing totally unnecessary splits and spilling bottled water all over themselves, and it devolves, as this brand's ads tend to, into soft-core porn. Then again, what's the point of creating advertising for an intimates brand if it doesn't?

As delirious fantasies go, it could be a lot worse.

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