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MOO Designs the Most Selfless Self-Promotion Ads Ever


Online printing company MOO.com, which some of you might remember from a video it made back in April, is doing some self-promotion with the oldest trick in the book. Wait, no, that's prostitution. The second oldest trick in the book: flattery.

Designer Rob "Supermundane" Lowe has designed a run of fliers with compliments printed on them and posted them around artsy parts of London and in the Boston Design Museum. People are encouraged to take them and, you know, just feel good about themselves.

There are six designs altogether, with custom typography spelling out flummeries like "I think you're splendid" and "You're spectacular." Are Upworthy and BuzzFeed just not enough for some people?

You can enter to win a signed-and-framed seventh flier through MOO's social channels, which is how this whole project connects back to MOO.

That contest ends today, so enjoy the complimentary compliments while you can.

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