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Tweet This Hashtag in NYC, and Reebok Could Run a Pair of Sneakers Over to You


Starting today, New Yorkers who tweet their shoe size and address with the hashtag #ReebokHDS could get a visit from the brand's Human Dispatch Service.

The team of runners will personally rush pairs of Reebok's new ZJet sneakers to people at home or at work. Venables Bell & Partners devised the stunt, which, according to Reebok, "brings the ZJet concept to life" by demonstrating how the shoe—which features air channels for maximum cushioning—"propels the runner forward with the power of air."

It's a fun idea that harkens back to a bygone era of personal service, at a time when many advertising stunts strive to confuse and frighten consumers to generate viral videos.

This is the client's second creative promotion this summer, following its July CrossFit Games tie-in from VB&P that saw Reebok send bacon to athletes abiding by Paleo diets. The HDS team won't be delivering any savory pork products, but the focus on shoes gives the ZJet stunt some steak to go with the sizzle.

Client: Reebok 
Brand: ZJet 
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Venables, Will McGinness
Creative Director: Erich Pfeifer
Associate Creative Director: Eric Boyd
Design Director: Cris Logan 
Art Directors: Sean Flores, Rich North, Matt Miller
Copywriters: Nate Gagnon, Craig Ross, Matt Keats
Designer: Jarrett Carr
Head of Strategy: Michael Davidson
Communications Strategy Director: Beatrice Liang
Brand Strategist: Jake Bayham
Experiential Production House: Mkg
Production House: Fertl 
Director: Jordan Bloch 
Director of Photography: Derrick Monks 
Line Producer: Mikyo Clark 
Editing Company: Fertl 
Editor: Derrick Monks 
Sound Design: Richard Devine 
Music: Marmoset Music 
Mix: M Squared 
Director of Integrated Production: Craig Allen
Director of Interactive Production: Manjula Nadkarni 
Experiential, Broadcast Producer: Nalina Baratz
Production Coordinator: Megan Wasserman 
Digital Producer: Marc Mclean 
Account Manager: Ashton Atlas 
Project Managers: Daniela Contreras, Shannon Duncan

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