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Ad of the Day: Ford Pranks Drivers by Turning a Car Wash Into a Haunted House


Don't you hate it when you're just trying to get your car washed and some freaking weirdo with a wood axe pounces on your hood and starts banging on your windshield?

Ford jumps on the prankvertisingbandwagon with this new Halloween ad featuring people who thought they were on their way to a test drive. Instead, they get ambushed by creepy Halloween masks among the squeegees.

As a commercial, it's more cute than scary, and even the drivers and passengers seem at least as amused as disturbed. Thankfully, the car brand doesn't appear to have put any kids through the wringer—a surprise haunted house is all in good fun, but it would totally not be cool to ruin one of the few entertaining parts of getting shuttled around in the backseat all the time.

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