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Brand of the Day: Petco Picks the Year's Cutest Pet Costume for Halloween


After poring over roughly 5,000 entries in the chain's third annual Halloween pet costume contest, Petco found a winner in a Yorkie named Jack. You see, Jack's owner June Harper created a Mork costume (of Mork & Mindy) in honor of the late Robin Williams. 

"I'd like to think Robin Williams would laugh if he could see the photo of Jack in the iconic red suit," Harper said in a statement. "Winning the contest and knowing that so many people will see this photo makes me feel like I accomplished my goal of honoring the man behind so many endearing characters." 

With this contest, Petco smartly plays into what pet owners do already: love and cherish their pets and dress them ridiculously for their own amusement. And Harper's snapshot earned her a cash prize of $25,000 and a one-year supply of Old Mother Hubbard treats. 

Social Media Profile (as of 10/30/14)
Facebook Likes: 3 Million 
Twitter Followers: 116,000
Instagram Followers: 60,733

As a brand on social media, Petco has a bit of an unfair advantage. Most humans with beating hearts love to look at photos of cats, dogs and animals in general—and Petco's got that in spades. If they happen to be advertising their latest deals and promotions, well, people see that, too. 

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Again, the brand plays to its strengths. Petco uses what looks to be YouTube videos compiled to show all of the different interactions you might have with your pup and tugs at your heartstrings just enough to make you want to feed him or her well. 

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