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Ad of the Day: Tim & Eric Made an Ad for Totino's Pizza, and It's So, So, So Weird


There's literally nothing better than pizza. So, it stands to reason pizza brands shouldn't really need to advertise. But if you're a brand trying to rise to the upper crust of pie purveyors, you might as well go super weird. 

Totino's just teamed up with Tim & Eric (aka, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim) and released "Pizza Freaks Unite," which is arguably the weirdest ad for pizza since Pizza Hut Japan's "Pizza Cats."

If you're not familiar with Tim & Eric, the duo first entered the comedy universe on Adult Swim, and have since been responsible for Old Spice's Terry Crews spots and most recently GE's loony-toon Jeff Goldblum ad.

The super odd, lo-fi psychedelic gems from Totino's—and agency Zeus Jones—feature Tim & Eric dancing around with their friends to an infectious jingle: "Totino's, Totino's, how did you know? Totino's, Totino's—everybody's talkin' 'bout Totino's, Totino's Hot Pizza Rolls! Burritos, burritos ..." It's actually amazing how good the song is despite the awkward and clumsy production and bad-on-purpose, Sid-and-Marty-Kroftt-on-even-more-acid aesthetic.

So, without further ado, here's easily the strangest thing you'll see today, and below it, a 30-second cut. "Fun harder," indeed.

Client: Totino's
Agency: Zeus Jones

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