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Toyota Dealer Makes the Year's Most Cringeworthy SNL Parody With 'Keys in a Box'


Almost eight years later, "Dick in a Box" lives on as one of Saturday Night Live's more hilarious digital shorts. And since there are no rules that say that jokes become stale after that amount of time, some car salesmen in Oak Lawn, Ill., fired up their cameras and created a parody to the tune once made popular by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg.

Oak Lawn Toyota's "Keys in a Box" takes SNL's hilarious joke and removes the funny parts—inserting keys into said box. But it's pretty well executed, considering the presumed budget. I found myself bobbing my head to the beat, and chuckling at this ironically great rendition.

Music by Rico Vigil and Augie Rampolla
Written, filmed and directed by Joe Mallet (Internet sales manager)
Starring Parker Gadbois, Abby Urbano, Joe Mallet

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