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Terry Crews Screams Again for Old Spice, Particularly When He Sees Mrs. Terry Crews


Ready for more screaming, twitchy muscles, explosions and horrifying hallucinations? Good, because Terry Crews just made another Old Spice commercial.

The ad, by Wieden + Kennedy and directors Fatal Farm, continues the brand's "Get Shaved in the Face" campaign for its electric shavers, which Crews helped to introduce early last year in a murderous spot with Little Terry Crews. This time around, we catch Terry right in the middle of a nightmare—and when he wakes up, it only gets worse.

We caught up with Kate DiCarlo, Procter & Gamble's communications manager for beauty care, and Jason Bagley, creative director at Wieden + Kennedy, to chat about the spot and Terry's popularity as an Old Spice spokesman. Check out that Q&A below.

AdFreak: How does this spot evolve last year's "Get Shaved in the Face" campaign?
Kate DiCarlo: "Nightmare Face" brings back Terry Crews to continue the "Get Shaved in the Face" story. This time around, we wake up in Terry's nightmare, which revolves around unruly face hair and a familiar face as his wife. Even if it takes a lot of yelling, we're here to remind guys about the importance of keeping their scraggly hairs in check by using Old Spice Electric Shavers. We want them to know that we have a variety of options that they can choose from, depending on their shaving needs.

Why do you think Terry has such longevity as an Old Spice spokesman?
DiCarlo: Terry is a long-time fan favorite, and we're always thrilled when we find another opportunity to work together. There's no one else out there like him—with that explosive personality, impressive yelling power and manly chest muscles. Our fans are always asking what's next for Terry and Old Spice, and so we're excited to give them more of what they're wanting, while also helping them shaverize their beards, which results in more handsome face parts.

Fatal Farm handled the direction, editing and visual effects. What do they bring to the table?
Jason Bagley: We love Fatal Farm and have worked with them in the past on various projects. We love them because they take absurdly ridiculous and ultimately profoundly stupid humor as seriously as we do. Stupid humor is serious business, and they are seriously smart about stupid things.

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