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Similac Has a Big Hit With One of the Most Honest Ads Ever About Parenting


Parenting today comes with more than the stress of kids. It comes with the derision of your fellow breeders when you choose a path that goes against their deeply held beliefs. And it's going to happen. No matter how closely you choose your friends, someone—even if it's just another parent at the playground—is going to judge you harshly for your choices.

Similac shows us what happens when our beliefs clash through an ad that's a little bit funny, a little bit moving, and a lot true. It's all about an (almost) all-out playground brawl. It's strollers versus baby slings, breast-fed versus formula-fed, stay-at-home versus working mom, plus yoga moms, lesbian moms and stay-at-home dads.

When they meet at the swings, the insults start flying. But when one of those stroller moms (who don't care about bonding and cuddling with their baby, so they push their child away from them in a stroller instead of wearing them in a wholesome fashion) steps off to step up to the fight, the stroller goes tumbling down the hill. And all the parents go tumbling after.

Similac then reminds us that no matter what our beliefs, we're parents first, and welcomes us to the Sisterhood of Motherhood.

It's no surprise Similac would want to diffuse the tension between the nipple Nazis and the lazy formula feeders. Breast-feeding advocates have cast formula companies as villains who put profits before health and whose irresponsible advertising tricked a whole generation of mothers into not even trying to breastfeed.

And, well, that's a bit true. There was a whole generation who was told that formula was better, healthier and safer, and now science tells us that was a rather big lie. But it is also true that even breastfeeding mothers will supplement with formula every now and then, and that many mothers who formula feed tried to breastfeed but were unable to for various reasons. And they really don't like the added guilt that comes from unavoidable choices. I mean, c'mon, don't we have enough guilt as parents anyway?

Here's the short manifesto on the Similac site:

"We believe it's time to embrace mothers who choose to embrace motherhood. Time to put down the fingers and the subtle suggestions. Because no two of us are the same, but we're all in this together. The sisterhood has only one rule. Nourish each other the same way we nourish our children. And, just like the sister who's got your back, we're there to help you get through the first few days and months of motherhood with confidence—and zero judgment. The way it should be."

Still, Similac is an odd peacemaker. Certainly, many will ignore this message due to the source. Note that comments are disabled on the YouTube video. But it's still a message we modern parents need to hear. And with almost 3 million views in just a few days, it seems a lot of other parents agree. So, let's give each other a break out there.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for pregnant yoga.

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