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Ad of the Day: Old Spice Walks on the Wild Side in an Outdoorsy New Campaign


Anything can happen when you're out and about in the wilderness. And these new Old Spice ads prove it. 

The latest kooky campaign from Old Spice, courtesy of Wieden + Kennedy, has everything you never could have imagined. It's got an angry bear with an extraordinarily long tongue, a big bird regurgitating strange food indeed for its young ones, and your typical woman clad in a hot pink bikini in the middle of the forest.

Five 15-second spots debut online today and will air early next week on TV—two at a time in 30-second pods. The campaign launches three news scents for the brand's Fresher Collection—Timber, Amber and Citron—each designed with a specific male persona in mind, including lumberjacks, explorers and captains. Because what could be manlier than a man who smells like a lumberjack or some pinecones? Am I right, ladies?

Each spot concludes with the tagline "Smell as great as nature is," to drive home the idea that men want to smell as fresh as the great outdoors.

Old Spice even conducted a study to back up the campaign. The study found that nature scents have a calming effect on people, and wearing such earthy scents can make a man feel better than he would if he, say, actually took a jaunt outside and sniffed some trees.

The five spots are each as quirky as the next. They're also, however, what you've come to expect from the brand, which is no stranger to over-the-top spots—from screaming Terry Crews to the absurd Mandroid campaign. The challenge is to keep things fresh within the larger construct. And the brand clearly thinks it's still working.

Check out the rest of the spots below.

And here's a video that introduces the products and talks about the scent technology:

Client: Old Spice
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

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