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Ad of the Day: Android Celebrates Unlikely Animal Buddies in Maybe the Cutest Spot Ever


Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!

The latest ad for Google's Android is hysterical, and adorable, as it features various pairings of different animal species playing and frolicking with each other. Baby rhinos and goats, lion cubs and puppies, bears and tigers—oh my. 

A big part of the charm is that it's set to Roger Miller's 1973 ditty, "Oo-De-Lally" from Disney's Robin Hood soundtrack. This was the animated Robin Hood that featured an entirely animal cast, so the song aligns the spot conceptually, too. It sets a whimsical, carefree tone that makes you wish you were a kid again playing with your animal buddies, and didn't have to go to work ever again.

Actually, it makes you wish you were a baby animal.

The spot, by Droga5, is the latest execution in Android's "Be together. Not the same" campaign. It is intensely cute, and apparently all the footage is 100 percent real—with no CGI whatsoever.

Now that's one sweet, harmonious, hilarious ad.

Client: Android, Google
Agency: Droga5
Editor: Ben Suenaga, Friendshop!
Visual Effects Company: The Mill

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