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Ad of the Day: Goth Guy Pines for Popular Girl in Sweet Spot From Interflora


Advertising is officially into goths.

Danish flower-delivery service Interflora is the latest to jump on the bandwagon with the ad below from Brandhouse. (This is the same agency-client pairing, and the same director, Martin Werner, who made the sad clown ad back in December.)

The new spot lands in the same ballpark as the German hardware store spot I wrote about a while back, and many others making these same specific observations. It's never crust punks or metalheads trying to coexist with the normals, you'll notice. The goth-out-of-water trope is common enough that I'm wondering how many closet Pink Turns Blue fans there are in the ad game these days.

Watch the spot before the spoilers:

Like the December spot, the theme here is still love and the hardship of expressing it. It's just a bit more optimistic. (Anything is more optimistic than sad clowns.)

The reveal is quite the "Gift of the Magi" moment, as the goth guy (who kind of looks like Dolph from the Simpsons) has the hots for the preppy girl and changes his looks to suit her tastes—only to find out she went goth for him. Oops!

Written out like this, it sounds like something Adam Sandler has in development.

Client: Interflora
Agency: Brandhouse
Director: Martin Werner
DOP: Lasse Frank
Production: Bacon
Music: "Slow Mover" by Louise Alenius & Ben Kaniewski

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