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Do Competing Bottled Water Brands Actually Taste Different? Rhett & Link Find Out


Rhett & Link will slake your thirst for goofy, brand-inspired comedy in the "Ultimate Water Taste Test," a wonderfully wet episode of their "Good Mythical Morning" YouTube show.

The guys, best known for their brilliantly bad local commercials, compete against each other to identify seven varieties of water. They sample five brands: Dasani, Evian, Fiji, Smart Water and Blk Water. ("It's not from a river in Alabama," Rhett quips, but infused with fulvic powder, "whatever that is.") There's also pond water from Echo Park in Los Angeles and H2O straight from the tap.

The duo don a dual-action water-tasting apparatus—basically hardhats and two hoses for drinking—that actually connects their heads, making them look, Link notes, "like two construction workers talked into doing some kind of scuba trust exercise."

Once the blind water taste test begins, the snark pours forth.

"It's got a flowed-down-through-snow-in-the-Alps kind of a feel to it."
"There's an elevation in this taste—this is from up high, not from down below."
"Tastes like clouds."
"I can taste vapor distillation."
"If somebody's selling this, they need to stop immediately."

You'll have to watch the 15-minute segment—streaming rapidly toward 1 million YouTube views in just two days—to see how many of the seven they correctly identify. Be sure to hang in for the refreshingly honest "Neither Water" spoof commercial at the end, which drives home the point that, when you're truly parched, branding doesn't hold water.

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