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Mentos Pack a Seriously Fresh Punch in This Hilarious Ad with a Perfect Twist Ending


This ad from BBH London for Mentos NOWMints is amazingly funny—perfectly paced, surprising, silly, and close enough to making sense that it actually serves the brand, especially because it's so memorable.

It also sends up fresh-breath kissing clichés. Right from the start, the subtly awkward acting hints that a twist is coming, but it's not clear exactly what until the payload hits … and it really doesn't disappoint.

And while cute animals, as a rule—and in ads—may not be particularly fresh, this one definitely gets pretty rude with the driver. Loverboy can be happy he wasn't the one to catch it, though hopefully the product doesn't actually taste like rabbit, too.

The spot positions NOWMints as "little moments of pleasure." The spot will air only in Italy, though of course it's online for the rest of the world to enjoy, too.

Client: Mentos NOWMints
Agency: BBH London
BBH Creative Team: Shelley Smoler & Raphael Basckin
BBH Creative Director: Gary McCreadie & Wesley hawes, Shelley Smoler & Raphael Basckin
BBH Strategist: Jamie Watson
BBH Strategy Director: Ben Shaw
BBH Business Lead: Carly Herman
BBH Team Director: Tom Woodhead
BBH Team Manager: Francois d'Espagnac
BBH Producer: Natalie Parish
BBH Assistant Producer: Sarah Cooper
Production Company: Blink
Director: Benji Weinstein
Executive Producer: James Bland
Producer: Patrick Craig
DoP: Simon Richards
Post Production: The Mill
Editor/Editing House: Max / Stitch
Sound: Sam Ashwell / 750mph

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