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Here's What the Bible Would Look Like Full of Product Placements


Advertising veterans George Logothetis and Graham Clifford are celebrating Easter in a bit of a blasphemous way this year by unveiling The Product Placement Bible—a tongue-in-cheek (or at least turn-the-other-cheek) website that imagines verses of scripture sponsored by some of the world's top marketers.

Placing products into TV shows and movies is commonplace. This satirical project takes the concept to its logical extreme by inserting marketing messages, logos and products into the most popular and widely read publications ever written, not counting the Ikea catalog.

The results are amusing—and Logothetis, a copywriter, and Clifford, a designer, hope you aren't offended.

"It's a not-so-subtle reminder for us to preserve our most sacred institutions," they said in a statement. "There's a time and a place for marketing messages, and it shouldn't be in our most revered work of scripture. We came up with this far-fetched idea, sensed its potential as a content platform, and simply followed it to its logical conclusion. We mean no harm to anyone and want people to know that this is nothing more than a parody intended to be laugh out loud entertainment. And, of course, serve as a cautionary tale."

Check out more examples below.

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