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Google Joins the Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster With Underwater Street View


People have been looking for the Loch Ness Monster for centuries, but now Google has brought some high-tech dragon-hunting software to the search.

The company, with help from London agency adam&eveDDB, has brought underwater Street View to the famous Scottish loch, having introduced it last year to the Great Barrier Reef. You can now jump right into Loch Ness in Google Maps, and peer down into the murky depths.

You won't see quite as much as you do at Great Barrier Reef. But it's a charming conceit, and one that Google is running with—even going so far as putting a Loch Ness doodle on the Google U.K. homepage. Meanwhile, adam&eve made the video below to go with the project.

"A huge part of Google's mission is to help make mysterious places more accessible to everyone, and there's no more emotive, exciting example of that than revealing what's beneath the waters of Loch Ness," says Alex Hesz, director of digital at adam&eveDDB.

"This is a place of enduring mystery and profound beauty, and we were lucky enough to accompany Google's underwater capture team on a truly extraordinary task. We think that the campaign really captures the scale of that undertaking, the beauty of the place, and the reasons why Loch Ness has retained such a sense of mystery and intrigue for so many, for so long. The fact that everyone can now explore it for themselves is hugely exciting," Hesz says.

Client: Google
Project: Explore Loch Ness with Google Maps
Brief: Google gives access to explore hidden places
Creative agency: adam&eveDDB, Google Creative Lab
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Priest
Executive Creative Directors: Ben Tollett, Richard Brim
Creative Directors: Paul Knott, Tim Vance and Google Creative Lab
Planner: Will Grundy
Account Management: Alex Hesz, Sam Brown
TV Producers: Ben Sharpe, Jordan Cross
Production Company: Sonny
Director: Nick Rutter
Editor: Gary Forrester
Editing House: Marshall Street Editors
Soundtrack, Composer:  "The Search," Brendan Woithe
Postproduction: The Mill
Audio Postproduction: Clang @ Marshall Street

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