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Huggies Helped This Blind Mom See Her Pregnancy Ultrasound by 3-D Printing the Baby


Seeing ultrasound images is a special part of most pregnancies, but women who are blind, of course, don't get that experience. So, Huggies Brazil approximated it for one visually impaired woman by 3-D printing a sculpture of her unborn child that she could touch.

Ad agency Mood worked on the project with 3-D printing firm The Goodfellas.

"As a brand, Huggies considers each moment of this new phase in the lives of many women—the maternal role," says Priya Patel, birector of baby care at Kimberly-Clark Brazil. "Huggies believes that such protective embrace and bond help babies grow up happy."

Client: Kimberly-Clark / Huggies
Agency: Mood
Creative VP: Valdir Bianchi
Head of Digital: André Felix
Creative Director: Bruno Brasileiro, Felipe Munhoz, and Rafael Gonzaga
Creation: André Felix, Bruno Brasileiro, Felipe Munhoz, Rafael Gonzaga, and Ricardo "Brad" Correia
Artbuyer: Rita Teofilo and Thiago Campos
Project Manager: Rafael Coelho
Client Services: Fabio Meneghati and Andrei Sanches  
Digital Media: Mariana Costa and Sabrina Titto
Planning: Daniel Rios and Rafael Martins
3D Production: the goodfellas
Graphic Production: Julio Coralli and Dayane Souza
Post-production: Byanca Melo 
Photographer: Lucas Tintori, Rodrigo Westphal Galego, and Fábio Kenji
Soundtrack: Lua Nova - Conductor Fred Benuce
Producer: La casa de la madre
Stage Director: Jorge Brivilati
Screenplay: André Castilho
Client approval: Lizandra Bertoncini, Maria Eugênia Duca, Priya Patel, and Simone Simões
Public Relations Agency: Edelman Significa and Giusti Comunicação

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