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Audi Makes Fun of Women Drivers (but Not Really) in Curious Twitter Campaign


Audi Ireland has decided to directly address the stereotype that women are bad drivers in a Twitter campaign that aims to undermine that perception.

The automaker last week posted a series of images that appeared to make fun of women drivers—including scenes of poorly parked cars and men in passenger seats looking terrified. The tweets were tagged #womendrivers.

But the tweets also contained links, and it turned out they pointed to stories of women being real drivers in fields like technology, science and sports.

It's an interesting idea, and a bit surprising that an automaker would even tackle an issue with such obvious pitfalls. The problem, as some have pointed out, is that you have to actually click on the links to realize Audi isn't just being negative and weird. (The automaker has been posting an explanatory video on Twitter, too, though of course it's easy to miss individual tweets.)

So, is a campaign like this clever, or maybe not such a good idea after all?

Agency: Atomic, Dublin. Via Design Taxi.

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