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After All That, the Hamburglar's First Video Is One Big Joke About His Nagging Wife


Are we sure we want the Hamburglar back?

The cartoon character, who was reincarnated after a 13-year hiatus as a real live human man—whom the Internet simultaneously reviled and love—took over McDonald's Twitter account today. And with the teaser ads out of the way, the character used the platform to ... well, sorry, he keeps getting interrupted again and again by his wife's phone calls.

Yep, even the Hamburglar gets nagged by his annoying wife about the various things (candles and cake) she wants him to pick up while he's out. 

It's an easy, albeit regressive joke. But is it really the way you want to reintroduce the nation to a well-known character? This guy's supposed to be a rebel, but this is about as tiresomely traditional as it gets.

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