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Ad of the Day: Expedia


Expedia's journey through darkness into light continues.

The travel site isn't shying away from big, difficult topics in its "Find yours" campaign from 180 LA. Back in October, it unleashed a powerful long-form spot endorsing gay marriage through the story of a father who tells of the long journey he took to understand his lesbian daughter—but not before he almost disowned her. Now, the brand has released an even more gut-wrenching spot—the three-minute film below starring Maggie Cupit, a cancer survivor who offers an almost unbearably poignant reminiscence of a young friend named Odie.

Odie was 13 when they met. They were both patients at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Maggie fought back her cancer and became healthy; Odie died from his. In the spot, Maggie is seen traveling to Dallas for a St. Jude's fundraiser, where she tells Odie's story—remembering their incredible bond, and in particular his almost superhuman fearlessness in the face of a viciously untimely death. Like the earlier spot, this one is about more than one kind of trip. It relates a physical journey and an emotionally transformative one at the same time—which is Expedia's larger point about all kinds of travel. "Find your understanding" was the tagline on the earlier spot. This one ends with "Find your strength."

It's a commercial that frankly bowls you over. It will have its enemies who will say it's exploitative. But in fact it feels like the opposite. It's a story that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible—it was created in collaboration with St. Jude's and thus is also a de facto PSA—and if Expedia wants to tell it, and tie a brand positioning to it, that's not the worst thing in the world. And even if it is opportunistic, it nevertheless has a tangible charitable aspect. Over at the Expedia website, the company is matching donations to St. Jude's up to $250,000.

In the wilds of uncertainty, pain and loss, these Expedia ads suddenly discover redemption. That's a significant accomplishment—and not out of character at all for a company that helps you see everything the world has to offer.

Client: Expedia
Client: St. Jude Children's Hospital
Agency: 180 LA
Executive Creative Director: William Gelner
Creative Director: Gavin Milner
Copywriter: Mike Burdick
Art Director: Mike Bokman
Head of Production, Managing Partner: Peter Cline
Producer: David Emery
Production Company: Boxer Films
Director: David Adam Roth
Director of Photography: Lawson Deming
Executive Producer: Beth George
Producer: Emile Hanton
Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Gabriel Britz
Producer: Alexandra Zickerick
Executive Producer: C.L. Weaver
Assistant Editor: Ko Massiah
Colorist: Bob Festa
Transfer Facility: New Hat
Recording Studio: Eleven Sound
Mixer: Scott Burns
Assistant Mixer: A.J. Murillo
Executive Producer: D.J. Fox
Composer: Adam Taylor
Brand Marketing Director: Vic Walia

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