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McDonald's the Musical Is Finally Here, and Leslie Grace Is Lovin' It


If you ever wanted to see a musical set in a McDonald's, your ship has come in.

McDonald's lead Hispanic agency, Alma in Miami, on Thursday night will roll out "A Little Lovin'," a three-minute bachata musical starring the 20-year-old Dominican-American singer Leslie Grace. At the beginning, she is seen sitting in McDonald's with a case of writer's block, but a McDonald's employee (played by Daniel "Cloud" Campos, who also was the director and choreographer) soon inspires her to find "A Little Lovin' " all around.

As musicals do, it gets wildly and ridiculously energetic from there. The spot will premiere during Thursday's broadcast of Premios Juventud on Univision.

Sony Music Entertainment repurposed Grace's "Solita Me Voy" song for the spot. "About a year ago, Leslie was warming up for an interview and reminiscing about her happy childhood and going to McDonald's with her dad, which was down the street from her mom's salon," said Luis Miguel Messianu, president and chief creative officer at Alma DDB. "She didn't know she was being recorded, but my friend from Sony shared the sound bite with me and we've been working on an idea for her to partner with McDonald's ever since."

Leslie Grace: As Herself
Danny: Daniel Cloud
Dad: Cris Judd
Daughter: Tatiana McQuay

Film Crew
Director: Daniel Cloud
Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde
Producer: Courtney Davies
Production Supervisor: Rose Krane
Assistant Production Supervisor: Josh Reed

McDonald's Marketing Team
Vice President, Brand, Marketing Content: Joel Yashinksy
Director of Hispanic Consumer Marketing: Patricia Diaz
Manager of U.S. Social Engagement: Jenina Nunez

Alma Agency
President, Chief Creative Officer: Luis Miguel Messianu
Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Alvar Sunol
Creative Director: Iu La Lueta
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Beatriz Torres-Marin
Senior Art Director: Luis Aguilera
Art Director: Andres Schiling
Director of Production: Adrian Castagna
Producer: Diana De La Parra
Account Director: Karen Udler
Account Supervisor: Cristina Lage
Senior Strategic Planner: Tamara Sotelo

Sony Music Entertainment U.S. Latin
Senior Director, Business Development: Melissa Exposito
Business Development Analyst: Isabelle Duran
Manager: Jose Behar
Management: Lorena Fusilier, Larissa Leal
Road Manager: Francisco Martinez

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