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Blue Balls, Happy Ending, Pearl Necklace. They're All Innocent Terms to Kids in These Ads


Remember when a "happy ending" used to mean something else?

We do, too. And Torch is dedicated to keeping your kids in the dark (literally, when it's bedtime) as long as possible.

An anthem spot and a handful of shorter ads Torch—a router that promises better parental controls over kids' browsing habits—provide funny illustrations of how the product protects against inappropriate search results for terms like "happy ending," "pearl necklace" and "tossed salad," which seem innocent to a youngster, but could easily lead down a rabbit hole to adult content.

The ads keep the more depraved implications an inside joke between adult viewers, and show only G-rated interpretations.

Ad agency Fancy Rhino in Chattanooga, Tenn., where former McCann exec Vann Graves is now president and chief creative officer, created the commercials for Torch. The agency is also an investor in the online safety startup.

If the brand's products perform as well as promised (features include mandatory time-outs, site blocking and a comprehensive browsing history), parents can rest assured that kids will be forced to learn graphic slang the same way they did—from their more advanced, and less policed, classmates.

Client: Torch
Product: Torch Router
Campaign: "The Right Click"
Agency: Fancy Rhino
Creative Director: Vann Graves
Copywriters: Vann Graves / Joe Scalo
Art Directors: Joe Scalo
Production Company: Aero Films
Director: Jason Farrand
Producer: Sloane Skala
Director of Photography: Julian Whatley
Editor: Michael Distelkamp

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